Thursday, February 15, 2007

from an observation in the front row

Seeing Mong, Diego, Raimund and other performers puffed their cigarettes like there's no tomorrow made me cringe all the way to Sagada. I mean, they're ICONS. Gosh, all the representatives of this generation must have gathered in Sunken Garden just to watch them performed live, grooving with their music like it was the best thing that's ever happened to them. It just really saddens me that they have to go up there on stage, to show everyone what a big hotshot they are, not thinking of what image they are setting for everybody else. I think they should be more sensitive with this kind of issue . And it's NOT just them. there are a lot more too, so much that i have already forgotten them. Just be good. Music is enough a morphine for me and for most people i know.

Kudos to Sugarfree (Ebe, Jal and Kaka)! In all my experience of watching you perform in our school, i never saw anyone of you smoke up in the stage. Although I know that you do smoke and drink, you do it on backstage probably, and not up there. So, continue being a good example to kids out there!


It's not that my Valentine's day sucked or whatever, but most likely, that's what've happened. Anyway, what's new?? Cheers to everyone who suffered an intoxicating night on that commercialized day! You're not alone.


Hannee said...

yep..lalo na yung protein shake? tama ba namang magmura nang magmura???walang sense talaga..ako rin di masyadong nasiyahan..lungkot na lungkot nga ako kaya sa backstage na lang kami.

di naman kelangan mag-smoke para maging cool ah??pede namang maging malinis ang mga banda! :(

sorry na at hindi kita natext..andon ka rin pala

anyway, tuloy tayo sa imahe nasyon..text text na lang :)

Marye said...

onga e..parang wala nang ibang alam sabihin kundi puro mura.wala kasi ganong energy mga tao nung mga panahong yun e.haha!

yeah, you can never be cool just by smoking. :)