Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back to the Path of the Beam

Just like how Eddie Dean feels whenever the ka-tet get lost sight of the beam but eventually finds it again, i too, felt the same way. I found my own beam back, thank goodness for that, and the past hazy days are now but all part of the past.

My frustration from last week's activities' ended at exactly 6:40 pm, when juraine stayed with me for a while (while we hoard foods from AS!). Of course, everything wasn't OK then, but at least I was smiling again. When I entered the Fair that night, i didn't know that it was gonna be a LONG but eventful night and that it gave me back all the happiness I lost along the way that fateful week.

the Best parts of the Night:
1. Seeing Honey again after a long, long time! Mahabang istorya na punung-puno ng drama but what mattered most was, she was there, just as she promised!
2. On a more personal matter, i am so relieved that everything went alright between ----- and me. It beats winning a contest.
3. Master Rapper Francis M.'s performance in the fair. Akala ko never ko na syang mapapanood ng live, sobrang nakakatuwa.. and the crowd..napaka-solemn nila nung kinanta ni Francis M. yung kaleidoscope world.
4. Meeting Azilana! :)
5. Yung idea lang na kasama ko ang mga orgmate ko that night (especially the young ones), nakakatuwa na yun.
6. Stonefree's Ikot performance. Napa-haaaay na lang ako.
7. the long walk home at 4:30 am.

Basically, i'm feeling good despite my very much failing standing in Math 14. Probably because i already accepted it. Most of the time, acceptance is all we can do in order to move forward again. So, until then.

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