Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the valentine aftermath

even with two exams waiting for me down the line (which I actually has just finished a little while ago), i spent the bloody, bloody day in various colors and moods, some bordering on near-insanity and constant depression. Alas, who can ever really fathom what lurks behind every cunning, shallow and mischievous minds. This is my 21st celebration of St. Valentine's Day in good 'ol Mother Earth. Some things never changed, some did, like the people I'm with that depressing nevertheless fun day. Last year, I was with my 3 closest friend in UP and we spent the night in the Fair. I still remember how bored the people were when Hale performed, and now look at 'em! Yesterday, as my friend said, she never realized that it was indeed Valentine's Day. Now I know what happens to workaholic people. :)

towards GREEN er, Revolution!

after such a long preparation in order to set up a booth for our organization that grand, grand day, it is now exactly a day behind us. I will proudly say that I have put my best efforts and given up my precious hours in exchange of my service to the org. The president, however, did more than that. And whatever consequences this experience gave us i can never, ever blame her for her future decisions with regards to the organization. I am in debts to all the people who helped in their own way to make this project a success, but sometimes, we ALL need to swim together in order to achieve the goal we've been wanting all this time. In every achievement, expect to shell out sacrifices in order to attain all this. Nevertheless, the org did a pretty good job, apart from a few wrecked relationships (tee-hee), tired bodies and hot, hot weather, it really went great. more than what we expected.

Pink is the new Red

Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, I expected to encounter a lot of Reds and even prepared my eye to see a lot of Reds, but NO, lo and behold, it seems that everywhere I turned my head, I saw people in pink! Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy. At least pink is soothing than red to look into.

On my unexpected lunch date

After 48 years of pagtatago, my good friend Jog finally decided to drop by and visit her long-lost kalabaw! Of course, with him around, i expected a riot and a long series of conversations edging with the who's who and what's what around the campus and our lives and his inflated ego as a topic, lovelife stories (old and new), catching up and walang kamatayang laitan. At least, some things in this life still never change. *I am looking forward to meeting all of you my WeAreOne friends again, especially Ate Greyz, Popsie and Rocky!!

Who art thou?

what an odd way to end a flat tiring day. A girl called. She wants to meet me because Somebody sent me a flower. But Somebody is a total shy person. No idea whatsover of his identity. That Somebody has a good idea of playing pranks and getting oh-so-mysterious. Probably wrong-sent. What the hey, i don't know. But my intuition tells me that Somebody is part of my circle. Meaning, could be anyone of you!!! She/he knows me by the name Marye. Beats me. By the way, it was white. The flower I mean.

Bloody, bloody day!

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Graciela said...

secret admirer? yiheee! naks! ang anak ko dalaga na, at last! hehe! miss you too dear. i'll see you again, promise hehe.. basta lalabas tayo pag-uwi ko. asan na email ko? haha..