Sunday, November 06, 2005


*Worry Number 1:
that i might not finish my thesis (still?) in time for enrolment. i'm screwed! i'm into so much trouble dunno where and how to get out of it.

*Worry Number 2:
am i alone? no i guess in this one i am quite sure i am not alone. but i know someone who only passed 6 units of her past acad loads. hmm...

*Worry Number 3:
They're coming ba-ack!! tomorrow my friends, i am once again in chaos. so much for peace and stuff..

*Worry Number 4:
the usual enlistment and registration blues. yeah yeah yeah..endless lines we meet again (for the 14th time!). i've been in peyups too long im beginning to fade away. gotta gotta get out here soon...

*Worry Number 5:
i don't worry much nowadays of being a loser. i was. i am. i will be. sore eh?

*Worry Number 6:
that we will not live to see the day that the world would really achieve "world peace", that there are too many people dying and getting hungry every second, that TomKat would really last forever, that whoever wins PBB would be such a star someday, that the Pope ain't gonna come in Asia for that matter, that the Philippines is losing its battle (and purpose perhaps), that i may graduate without.... Man! i'm sore.

thanks hannee for the prayers!

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