Thursday, November 24, 2005

Conversations behind, beside and beyond

While I was walking towards FC building from my Geol 1 class (yes, Geol 1!) this hot, hot afternoon, I overheard different types of conversations. Mind you, I never had any intention to eavesdrop as I have my own life (and growling stomach) to worry too when suddenly I was literally stopped by these two coÑo ladies walking in front of me. I never really understood their conversation because I was listening halfheartedly and I was more interested in their SLOW progress in walking - which by the way, a fellow student from peyups can perfectly understand. All I got was the “y’know”, “well” and “if they were doing that…” with what you can count as a perfect coño  twang. Yeah, whatever that maybe. its just that it sounds annoying.

After finally reaching FC, another 2 ladies were or should I say one was seriously discussing something as the other one intently listens. Their topic was the 'glamorous' world of philosophy. She was arguing with her premise that nature should blah blah blah and that philosophically speaking it isn’t right blah blah blah. The rest was gibberish that I could never understand for the life of me. Hay.

See how boring my life is lately.


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