Thursday, November 03, 2005


It's only normal that after the much awaited arrival of the 'other half', chaos came next. but it's actually the good kind, although it still kinda get into my nerves. i have a lot of things in my mind. i imagined and realized a lot of stuff when he arrived. very complicated though. and perhaps the moment had already passed.

just as when i thought that people here did actually forgot about our very existence, along came some surprise. i love surprises! whether good or bad. i dunno. i just do. i guess magic here sometimes do comes back.

i know im not making much sense but i'm feeling good. i've temporarily buried the things that i should-have-done-before-but-obviously-did-not-do and that was really something. unloading the academic baggages. but somehow time always has its way of being recognized. darn.

too much to tell, too lazy to do.

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