Friday, March 04, 2016

On Fixing 404s And Advertising Myself

Google sent me an email today to inform me that there has been an increase on my 404 pages recently. I knew this would happen when I started moving my significant travel posts in another website. The move was mainly to realign all travel posts in one repository since this website has more personal and informal content than the other one I made 2 years ago. Also, to generate a more specific target which eventually could convert to income.  It's a long road I have to take and involves a lot of work since I don't know a lot about these stuff buti na lang I now have the time and we have Google.

This  means I couldn't ignore it any longer and have to find an immediate solution. So I did the easiest fix I could. I made a template message informing users that the page they are looking for has been removed and redirected that page to homepage. Easy peasy but I know it would hurt this website.

Now, I am including the link to that travel website to those handful of users who came here will not (hopefully) have a bad user experience by leaving empty-handed. It's still a work in progress so  it's very basic. One day it will be pretty too (but highly depends on how fast I absorb all the coding and website tricks I'm currently learning).

I know not many people come here to read my thoughts, after all this website was initially created to record my personal thoughts and experiences.

But macncheeseontheroad is slightly better, informative, and worthy of your precious time. You can ask my friends to confirm this: I don't really sell myself to the public but perhaps, in this modern age of technology and digital living it's about time I put myself more out there. No better way than to start advertising myself now.

Please share the word. Also, YOUR support is highly appreciated. Please and Thank You.