Saturday, February 20, 2016

21 Things I Learned From My First Month Of Living In Peru

Today marks my first month in Peru. How time flew so quick. To celebrate surviving my first month, I made a list of things I learned, observed, and experienced the whole time I was here.

  1. You can subsist on 14 Soles (roughly PhP190) worth of food budget for 3-4 days. Cooking is an essential skill you have to acquire when traveling slow. 
  2. On my first day of work in the kitchen, I was forced to cook an omelette for a customer. I've never done it back home (yes, I am awful like that) so imagine how I murdered my first omelette. I apologised to the guest but he was fine with it. Oh, did I mention I forgot to put salt on it? ✌🏼️ +_+
  3. If you are not a loaded traveler (I mean come on first-world-citizens-who-claim-themselves-as-budget-travelers, you clearly haven't got clue of third-world-travelers-on-budget), buy your beers from supermarkets and drink it outside. Sit down in one of the many parks, sip on your cerveza while people watching. Beers in hostel bars are expensive, that's how they profit. Ssshhh. 
  4. Canadians are the nicest bunch of travelers I've ever encountered behind (and outside) the bar.
  5. I met a few really nice American couples (they are out there, just rare breed!) traveling South America; BUT
  6. I also met young American women who were the WORST. Let's just say they couldn't hold their alcohols, wrecked havoc in the hostel and pretty much caused an embarrassing scene which we still talk about until today.
  7. Peruvian women are so gifted. I could stare at their bums all day and not get tire. 
  8. Reggaeton is a huge deal in South America. You will hear it everywhere so get used to it. Or better yet, learn to enjoy it.
  9. Don't leave Arequipa without eating Chicharrones. Preferably those found in Mercado de San Camilo. 
  10. When being introduced to a local for the first time, kisses on the cheek are normal.
  11. Also, a peck on the cheek before you leave. A simple ciao won't cut it.
  12. I am still mistaken as a Korean.
  13. There will always be friendly and curious travelers, talk to them.
  14. But be wary of old travelers, they could be grumpy. Smile and suck it up.
  15. Even if you've traveled extensively, someone will always have better travel resume than yours.It's mindblowing how they could. 
  16. Dutch are the second nicest bunch.
  17. I like Peruvians because they do not stare at me. They do, however, stare at my feet whenever I walk around in my flip-flops.
  18. It is RARE to see Arequipeños wearing flip-flops. They ALWAYS wear shoes.
  19. In Lima, you can get away with flip-flops and pekpek shorts on summer. Everyone's showing skin, even the oldies (eyelovet!). 
  20. While accompanying a few friends for a late lunch, an old but obviously drunk man gave me a shiny un Sol to remember him by. Kinda weird but hey, I wouldn't say no to an un sol!
  21. Rest assured when I serve you your cocktails, they are clean. It's my takeaway after working for more than 3 weeks in a hostel bar. ;) 
I will be heading to Chile next week, stay tuned for my long-distance bus stories (huhu). Include me in your prayers if you are one of my friends who does. 😁

Ciao ciao!