Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Whoa, Ten Years in Blogger!

I'm the kind of person that shouldn't be left alone writing down her thoughts for everyone to read and scrutinize. My grammar sucks, my thoughts always in an untidy heap. But like what I always tell myself and the reason why I started in the first placeI write for myself. 

I grew up writing frivolous episodes, experiences, or life events in a nondescript notebook (so no one will take interest!). No matter how mundane my day was, I composed sentences that my simple brain can wrap itself up. I whined, pined, cried, hated, longed and loved in between those dark blue lines. Cringe-worthy, something to LOL at, I wrote them all down. God knows how often I wished I was good, or anything close to decent, but I guess it's something that will always be a work in progress.

But most especially, I write to celebrate life's little triumphs, every hurdle trumped. I knew that someday, I would want to remember those. The good, the bad, and the downright uglies.

This is my personal time capsule that I never regretted doing. Despite Google taking down my Analytics (boo, sayang my accumulated 200 pesos haha), despite hispter Tumblr, crisp and pro-looking Wordpress, I stayed with this 'un because loyalty is my middle name.

To anyone who still reads this space, either by association or by accidentally stumbling upon on web, you're the extra toppings on my sundae. People who ask genuine questions, leave nice comments, you're the cherries on top!

Pachakutiq approves of the 10th year anniversary of blogging (and whining)!
Grammar can be learned but you can't make up memories, so write it all down. Your wrinkled version will thank you for it later on.

Happy ten years, tumatakbongpagong/hearyoumejimmy/maryelogs!