Friday, October 11, 2013

Singapore Series: Marche Restaurant

While I was in Singapore, I met up with Ida to hand over something her sister sent for her. She suggested we meet at Marche, a Swiss restaurant that she also wants me to try.

I thought the place only sells bread as I was seeing a long line of people buying pastries in front of Marche.

Marche Restaurant

Forget that. There was a whole new world underneath those planks! And it really gives off good vibes. From the colorful kitchen ingredients to all sorts of people busily choosing what food to put on their plates. It was all new experience for me.

Marche Restaurant

The Swiss restaurant boasts of serving only fresh, healthy and high quality meal. Just like in the market, you go around looking for what you want but in Marche, they will cook it for you (if they aren't yet).

Marche Restaurant

Marche Restaurant

Ida suggested that I try their bestseller Rösti. True enough, there was already a long line of people queuing for their Röstis. I saw a guy peeling all those potatoes that becomes the Rösti on our plates, then another guy manning the stove, turning and tossing the potatoes from the pans.

Marche Restaurant

Marche Restaurant

I had Rösti with chicken sausage on the side with a generous serving of cream cheese on the side.

Rösti with Chicken Sausage - Marche Restaurant

Forgot the name of this dessert but I remember how I liked the darkness of it.

There's an entirely different system of ordering in Marche. Guests are given a Marche Guest Card to which they will swipe into the card whatever you ordered. After finishing your food, you line up at the cashier to pay for everything. Pretty neat!

Thanks to my benefactor for a really fun, Swiss experience!

PS: I just had to have a photo with the whole Peanuts gang!


Marché 313 @ Somerset
Level 1, Discovery Walk, 313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

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