Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ice Ride: Global Bike Ride for the Arctic

Last September 15, we participated in Greenpeace's Ice Ride - a global mass ride with 110 participating cities worldwide to express protests against oil drilling in the Arctic.

JC and I joined the peloton in Katipunan since we came all the way from Visayas and can't be at the starting venue, which is Ortigas. We met our friend Kimi at Katipunan, right after the flyover, before we all rode out to our QC Memorial Circle destination.

Ice Ride: Save The Arctic

Somewhere along Commonwealth Avenue. You know, that deadly road.

Ice Ride: Save The Arctic

Ice Ride: Save The Arctic

Group photo at Quezon Memorial Circle.

JC with Firefly Brigade marshals. 

I'm glad you're wearing your helmet, Mr. Polar Bear!

Photobooth fun!

We stayed til the first half of the program ended, after which a lot of photo ops ensued. This one below came from Greenpeace's website. There are still tons of photos floating in the web but I'm too lazy to look for them. I would really love to find a link on the videos though. 

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