Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Joking Bad: A Breaking Bad Parody

Ozymandias basically left me devastated after Vince Gilligan (with his army of equally genius writers) and Rian Johnson (master director, Looper, Brick) showed to us how Walt lost all control that led to his self-destruction. Yes, I rooted for him even after all the awful things he did and the motions he set to get to where he is now. But I know evil when I see evil and Walt did more than evil. 

When Walt spat out to Jesse how he watch Jane died, I heaved a sigh of relief. At least that one's been taken care of. I, we Breaking Bad fans now have a proper closure on whether Walt will ever tell Jesse what happened that night. But the circumstance on how it was revealed was too painful to watch.

To quote James Poniewozik of Entertainment Time "If each remaining episode intensifies this much more than the last, I am going to burst into flames." Exactly my sentiments.

In lighter news, this Breaking Bad parody by Jimmy Fallon totally made my Tuesday. Everything was spot on, the casts' mannerisms and the pink bear! Oh the pink bear. I love the surprise at the end so better wait for it :))

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