Thursday, April 04, 2013

Romy's Moroccan Birthday Lunch

I love birthdays! And with birthdays come free birthday lunches haha. Thanks Romy for the treat! I can now finally cross off Kasbah Restaurant from my too-many-restaurants-to-eat-to list.

I like their entrance door, so mighty ang peg!

Kasbah Restaurant and Bar

The couch outside looks inviting, makes you wanna jump and sleep in.

Kasbah Restaurant and Bar

Burn for you

Le Birthday girl!

Hummus Harissa. Spiced chickpea and tahini puree.

Hummus Harissa by Kasbah

Hummus Harissa is paired with these newly-baked bread.

Tabbouleh. A mixture of green herbal salad of parsley, mint, tomatoes, and couscous with lemon dressing.

Tabbouleh by Kasbah

I don't know what this platter is called but my goodness, the prunes-filled chicken was really good!

There are 2 servings of these that the 3 of us have to finish. What is busog bellies.

Close-up shot. chos. The eggplant was also really good, very tasty. The fish will always be... a fish haha. Halatang may favoritism.

After a bellyful lunch we walked to Serendra to scour for a good dessert place. We looked into 3 more places before finally settling in for Chelsea's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough NY Cheesecake and Tres Leches.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough NY Cheesecake

Tres Leches by Chelsea
Tres Leches
Walking under the sweltering heat is no fun that's why it was a bit disappointing to walk inside Chelsea Restaurant and still feel the familiar humidity. Either the AC's busted or it was that hot outside. Anyway, a Saturday well spent is still a great day, AC or no AC. Thanks and Happy Birthday again, Romy! :)

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