Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Lugang Feast

After completing our errands for the day (one of which was waking up really, really early to deliver in Muntinlupa), a late lunch feast at Lugang awaits us. Buti na lang it was Black Saturday so there were available tables and chairs for us when we arrived cos I heard this place gets packed on regular days.

The wooden door was so pretty hence these pics.

Lugang Cafe is a Taiwanese Restaurant brought here in Manila by the Bellagio Group of Restaurants tucked cozily along Connecticut Street in Greenhills area beside a few other familiar restaurants.

This Garlic Pork Roll was a surprised hit for all of us. At first, we all thought that the white wrap parts are the usual sort of roll wrappers we always have in say, lumpia. But no! Those were actually thinly-sliced pork rolled over vegetables and other whatnots.

I'd like to believe that I'm on my way in learning how to properly eat a (Steamed Pork) Xiao Long Bao. Kulang pa rin ako sa experience!

This was the dip for ... we don't really know actually hahaha. But I dipped in here to add oomph to what seems to be a very sad black pepper beef.

Golden Fried Rice With Shredded Pork

This was the flavourless beef I was talking about earlier. Black Pepper Beef On Iron Plate. The only fail in what we ordered. Also, the beef was swimming on a bed of onions, not that it was bad, but the onions aren't supposed to be the highlight of this dish.

Aaah. I can still feel in my mouth (sorry it's gross) the lingering taste of Three-Cup Chicken. I believe the three in the Three-Cup Chicken are soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. It's really good.

And finally, the star of the Lugang Cafe and our most awaited moment, BELLAGIO BREEZE. This one really went all out. The tower of beans, tapioca and fruits on shaved ice awakened the kids inside of us. The waiter though had to warn us that we must make haste in taking turns of photos lest we want a fallen tower for dessert.

The mighty Bellagio has fallen... into our mouths and stomachs.

Here's our bill. Not bad, Lugang, not bad. Our tummies are feeling all the weight of these pesos and no, we're not complaining.

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