Monday, May 16, 2011

BRGR Project

After a pretty devastating basketball game, I, together with the James (pronounced as Ja-mes) boys aka the half of the AMG bunch decided to eat their pain away na lang. We found ourselves along Maginhawa street looking for some place to eat. Finally picked BRGR Project over Crave.

Now I've heard a lot of stories and read a lot of things about BRGR Project so I was pretty excited. Instructions were pretty simple. Get your order menu in the counter and follow the following steps:

First Step: Choose your own BRGR. Angus? Beef? Chicken? Tofu? Double? Triple!?

Second Step: Choose a Bun. Ooh Sesame Seed (on the house) is perfectly fine for me!

Third Step: Choose a Cheese. Bleu, Gruyere, Mozzarella or Cheddar. I had Gruyere mmm.

Fourth Step: Choose your Premium Toppings. Canadian bacon baby!

Fifth Step: Choose your Basic Toppings. I opted to skip 20-peso worth toppings the cheapskate that I am and instead went for the free toppings hahaha.

Sixth Step: Choose a Sauce. I'm okay na with ketchup lang.

Last step: Name your BRGR. Which took me quite a while so my advice to everyone is this, before you eat at BRGR Project try to come up with a name for your burger kasi magugutom lang kayo kakaisip for that perfect name na hindi nyo maisip while sitting inside bilang mas malakas na ang tawag ng tiyan kesa sa paggana ng utak haha.

Next time I'd totally steer my burger into a new direction :D

It's always a delight to be with these rowdy, funny boys.

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