Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Reunion/Dinner

I would count that night as one of the rare times that the four of us can be together. I was being realistic when I said that having all of us ex-college housemates in a same room is just too improbable at the moment, but having them 3 makes it the closest thing we can ever have as a reunion. At least for now.

These 3 are some of the people I treasure most in my life. We may not be blood related but we're family. I have the greatest and most memorable experiences and memories in college because of them. Good, bad, happy, sad, embarrassing, especially embarrassing, moments. I have waaay too many of 'em hahaha.

Judging by what we're wearing, guess who's made it big? I think you're wrong. From left: Honey, Jog, me and Rocky

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Hannee said...

aawwwww... :) kelan kaya ulit?haha