Monday, July 19, 2010

Shaun of the Dead

After watching this film, I had a serious suspicion that this movie inspired Zombieland. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg obviously have a good chemistry. In fact, they are too even behind camera. Good friends, I mean. Next on my must-watch list is Hot Fuzz, the second to what they call their Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. The third installment I’m afraid hasn’t began production yet.

A familiar face: Bill Nighy!

Expect to hear the word exacerbate plenty of times in this film. But all in all, I enjoyed this movie immensely. Who said the Brits have dry sense of humor?


ed said...

Hot Fuzz is highly recommended. Haha. A lot of familiar faces from Shaun of the Dead and don't forget the Cornetto. :P

Marye said...

I have it but I still don't wanna watch it haha. Saving for some other day. Have you seen Run Fatboy Run??

ed said...

i've seen parts of it. can't seem to catch it on cable.