Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hooray for Fourth of July!

First things first.

I am not an American nor an American patriot. Where I come from Fourth of July is deemed as the Araw ng Kalayaan of United States of America. Independence Day in English. So what, every country has their Independence Day anyway.

It is there in the title because I'm just delighted that two weeks into my new job (after being unemployed for more than 6 months!) I'll be having my first ever long weekend (say yea!)

Yes 1) I have a new job and 2) We follow US holidays because I work in a US back office company sort of thingie. At first glance or occurrence maybe, "aah, call center (more like call cennur heehee) but no. They actually have but I'm not part of it. We just don't deal with sales period.

Obviously, the reason for my long absence here was because of work. I haven't had the time to browse sites that I religiously follow because most of them are banned in the office and I have no time to browse them whenever I surf the net outside (read:pay for it).

I still check facebook from time to time (only because of Mafia Wars!) but I am still and mostly active in Twitter.

Since I work in a graveyard shift, my social life has been drastically altered. I don't get to see much more interact with friends and the Cheese. But hey c'est la vie. I'm still pretty much adjusting to the new work environment, working with new people, walking out of the office on a bright sunshine, sleeping with the bright sunshine and practically missing out on a few things. But I'll live. I need this job to regain my depleted bank account and to save up money for September.

Now that Argentina has just exited the World Cup scene from a massive 4-0 loss with Germany (and England way earlier on the Cup), I can concentrate more on this year's Tour de France updates. But I am still hoping Spain will make it. Barca all the way!

Right now it's time to hit the sack 'cos I'm almost 24 hours way behind of normal my sleep. And we all know humans need to sleep and I'm convinced that I am still one. Human, that is.

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