Thursday, June 03, 2010

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

"You know that place between sleep and awake?
The place where you can still remember dreaming.
That’s where I’ll always love you.
That’s where I’ll be waiting.
~Tinkerbell to Peter Pan
I've always rooted for Tink, not only because she is that faerie who sprinkles pixie dust (and has a cool pixie hair cut too!) to make ordinary humans fly but because despite how possessive and jealous she can get, she's still that free-spirited, happy and naughty Tink that becomes extra emotional when it comes to Peter. It's just so sad that Peter will have to choose and end up with Wendy Darling even if it meant a slow death for Tink. Of course it might never have occurred to Mr. Barrie then that the boy-who-never-wants-to-grow-up might end up with a fairy who secretly adores him and would gladly die for him, since that's probably not what he had in mind when this whole adventure was unfolding. Peter will end up with (boring) Wendy and Tink will be left with this killer line instead that will endear her to some, if not most people.
To this day, I truly believe that Tinkerbell came to represent all the people who will just secretly and longingly love someone that they can never be with. For them, waiting is the only option or worst, giving up.
But I can't really blame Peter, no I can't.

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