Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday LOVE

While I was staying on the Cheese's turf a few months ago, I managed to catch some episodes (it was a marathon actually!) of Bondi Rescue. Apparently, the Cheese has been watching it too and instantly got hooked before I did. The show's pretty simple: a bunch of (hot) lifeguards at work patrolling Bondi Beach, Australia's most popular and most visited beach.

Being a lifeguard though in Bondi is not as easy as it looks because there's always danger lurking behind, whether in water or in land. These guys, and a girl, are really mean machines when it comes to saving lives. Guess that's the reason I enjoy watching this series so much. I hope to complete watching all the eps in the future.

Brooke Kassell is the only lady lifeguard among the testosterone-fueled environment of Bondi lifeguards. She's really, really good honest!

Ahh Deano. Dean "Deano" Gladstone is my little crush among the hot boys. Not Whippet, not Corey, not Hoppo. Simply Deano. He looks geeky to me!

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ponkan said...

nag ddl na ko! :D