Friday, July 17, 2009

Potter Disappoints

First thing first. Poster courtesy of the Leaky Cauldron site.

This is supposed to come out as one of the best among the series seeing that it is the penultimate, but that was not the case. As my middle-aged seatmate said after the credits came up "is that it? no explosions?". Gotta agree. It lacks a lot of things. But action is on the top of it. Teen hormones are flying everywhere (I dunno if Harry is just torpe or doesn't really know anything!)

Some comments/observations:

* Ginny is taller than Harry.
* The first scene in the movie was not in the book at all, one of the many deviation from Mr. Yates.
* Horace Slughorn is not TALL for cripe's sake!
* Where were the other characters? They were elsewhere, nowhere and in the background.
* In connection with above, where was Fleur and Bill?
* Really, Death Eaters in Hogwarts yet nothing happened. Again, where were the actions?
* I wish Daniel Radcliffe could cry.
* Rupert Grint was good in this one.
* While everyone wore puke-able gowns, Hermione is stunning with her own. I don't wonder why.
* Quidditch game was fun!
* Converse rules!
* Dumbledore's death was ...
* Maybe it's just me but I think I'm having a glimpse of a good Snape this early. Ha!
* I bloody wish Deathly Hallows won't be anything like this one. :(

Too many comments.. must stop now..


ed said...

they're saving all the action for was leaked months ago..i personally think that it was ok..i do share some of your comments but then again, you can only do so much to compress a very long novel into a film. :)

atticus said...

hamo na nga. manonood pa rin ako. pero grabe. $22M in one day ang kinita.

Marye said...

@ jay: but they did fine with Goblet of Fire! Oh wellllll. Buti na lang I am fan of the book. Ha!

@ Miss JJ: Go pa rin haha. It's just my silly opinions haha.

Huwaw. Puro mga J nagcomment! :D

sarsi said...

si bill and fleur lang hinahanap ko talaga.. kasi yun na ang start ng 7 eh

Marye said...

Tapos wala naman sila no? Hmmp. Mailap si Bill ha pansin ko lang.