Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Glitz and Glamour News (at least for me)

* hindi ko alam na naoperahan pala si Isaac (Hanson) netong October 2! Well, hindi kami friends pero love ko kasi ang Hanson eversince 12 years old ako (kalalabas lang ng Mmmbop noon). Oh well. But he's all right though. Nakalabas na nga ata ng ospital. Good news from them though is that I just saw their new video from their 4th album "The Walk" entitled "Go" sung by my first real "Hollywood crushie" Zachary Walker Hanson. As in. Simula hanggang matapos. Sheesh. wala na kong masabi. Na-starstruck na naman ako.

*At eto pa. After Radiohead announced that they'll be giving away their new album (more of actually free download lang naman pero kasi di ba...) Oasis and Jamiroquai followed suit. Pero etong usapang libreng ito ay hindi naman talaga daw libre. 45 pence para sa Radiohead downloads and 99 pence for Oasis' song "Lord Don't Slow Me Down". But whatever. I think this is big for them there Brits. Ah. My bestest favorite badass rock band and my 2nd favoritest Brit Rock Band are lurve.

*Nalaman ko lang kanina (finally after 2 0r 3 years is it?) ang buong pangalan ni Nate (of One Tree Hill). Nathan Royal Scott. Naks. How royal it is naman. But still, Lucas Eugene Scott, is my favorite. just because he's sappy. and he reads lotsa lotsa books. and he writes. Can't wait for OTH's season 5 premiere on January!

* Lastly. Kahit paulit-ulit ko pang panoorin ang Don't Matter/Ignition cover ng FOB sa youtube ay hindi ako nagsasawang panoorin (at pakinggan) si Patrick Martin Stump(h). OH jeez. Isa pa syang lurve. And oh, Pete's starting to grow on me too. Medyo love ko na rin sya. Just because I saw that clip where he was holding a Ugandan baby even though he doesn't have the slightest clue on how to properly hold a baby. But that's Pete being Pete. And because he loves Patrick to death he might even kill only for him. Ahhw to the highest power. :p

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