Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yiddih yaddah

Lately, i've been having bipolar disorder. I really can't say why because everyone would simply think that it is STUPID. very, indeed.it's so high school i thought im totally way past that phase. But what can i do? it's exactly what i've become whenever.... lang naman.

Anyway, as for news on the other side or commonly known as my normal life, i still haven't paid my tuition. but don't worry! tomorrow it shall be. thanks again to my ever kind and generous friend for letting me "borrow". hay. by the time i hit 30, i probably would still owe a lot of person. haha! basta just wait. I've just sent resumes in anything i think i can do well somehow. kimi emailed me one to apply for. ngapala, she's back na from kota! weee..congrats kimimay!

I have so many stories to tell but just can't put it here yet. Yung Cine Europa marathon, sagada and baguio trip, new "raket" (sana totoo na 'to this time!). So for the meantime eto na muna.

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