Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My so-called New Year's Resolutions

1. wake up earlier
2. spend less on not-so-important stuff
3. pray every night
4. read academic books more often (kahit masama sa loob ko.:)
5. Seriously study weeks before an exam (eherm,eherm!)
6. Try not to be a total pain to my relatives and friends (i will try)
7. Umuwi ng maaga-aga (although i have some doubts about this..)
8. bawasan ang pagiging masungit
9. bawasan ang panglalait sa mga bwakanang*nag-pi-feeling*rockstar*na*hindi*naman*talaga ..last na to.
10.if i can memorize names, dates, gossips and other nonsense informations, i can do the same with formulas. boohoo.
11. hope half of this list may be done so help me God.


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