Thursday, January 26, 2006

mga sana..

The Bakers are back. And this is probably the last time I'm/we're gonna see them. i dunno but for me i find this movie very interesting, funny and, much as everybody wouldn't want to admit it, heartwarming indeed. i'm gonna make this really short because everyone who knows me will really laugh at me if i ever do tell them (which is what i am actually doing now!) that i cried a lot with this movie. Because somewhere deep in my unchallenged mind, i have also wished to have belong in that Baker family, with Tom as my dad and Kate as my mom, even with 11 other siblings it wouldn't be that bad! Sometimes, i think of what could have been of me if i had a normal family just like everybody else. how to curse your mother because we think she's always at our neck, or how it felt to be piggybacked by your father, how to argue and at the same time, build a team with your brothers and sisters. i could list a thousand things that i wished i had but it would still be the same, i am here, and i have lived this life so far. it could have been better or it could have been worse, but i'm sure, i definitely wouldn't be where i am today if it was written in my destiny that i would be born in a normal/ordinary family. and i guess it really wasn't that bad cos i turned out alright anyway, as far as i know, or is it just me.

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