Friday, September 13, 2019

Hello old friend

Funny how it seems that we go back to our roots after a catastrophic event in our lives. In my case, roots here have a different meaning. 
I meant, writing. 
After all, this space was created because I was once a bewitched university kid who had no idea how to handle an infatuation and so funneled all that emotion writing to the interweb.


I’ve been walking in perpetual daze ever since I found out something that shocked me to the core. I guess it’s normal when someone you’ve put too much faith, truth, respect, and love betrays you it’s as if you could feel the world is literally crashing down on you. 

Which is quite apt to describe it. The crushing feeling doesn’t seem to stop. I don’t know when it will ever stop. I know someday it will but it sure as hell not today.

It might only be day five but by god it feels like it’s already been an eternity.

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