Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awesome Triple Date on Crisp On 28th

I just had to rhyme it. #Sorrynotsorry

Locating Crisp on 28th involved quite an adventure for us three that Saturday. We took the long way when there could have been an easier and less complicated way LOL. 

Crisp on 28th

Look at that personalized menu. So cute.

Crisp on 28th

I'm glad we made it out here even without reservation. Although there were still plenty of vacant tables, a couple of them were reserved (eventually given to other customers when the party did not  arrive on time). 

Crisp on 28th

We ordered Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad. For a salad it was really awesome!!!

Crisp on 28th
Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad. PhP195.

Mitch ordered Roasted Sambal Chicken (brown dirty rice, pickled cucumbers, fried okra, 64 degree egg, tomatoes, and sambal sauce).

Crisp on 28th
Roasted Sambal Chicken. PhP395.

JC had the Pork and Beans (slow cooked pork tenderloin, black eyed peas, lager beer sausages, root vegetables, and mashed potatoes).

Crisp on 28th
 Pork and Beans. PhP565.

While I chose that week's special, Beef Ragu Pasta (slow cooked shredded beef ragu, smoked tomato gravy fettuccine, crumbled cheese).

Crisp on 28th
Beef Ragu Pasta.PhP 480.

EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS OMG I KID YOU NOT. Hands down the biggest winner for us three that night was the Pork and Beans. I wish it wasn't too expensive so we could have it almost everyday.

After that satisfying dinner, we hung out at Fullybooked until before it closed. Grabe, so many books to read/want to take home it's painful.

Read Station Eleven ebook version. It was good! I thought it was a little bit bitin nga lang. omg ang coño. XD

I finally got to read this gem. It's hilarious but SAD.

The stash I wish my friend Mitch and I could've taken home. I already read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares and Station Eleven. Currently reading ebook version of Look Who's Back (I find the plot really interesting and can't wait how it plays out). A couple of weeks ago, was able to score a hardbound copy of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl for 145 pesos. Awesome riiight!

Okay end of rant.