Monday, February 09, 2015

Food Coma or How We Hit 3 Different Food Destinations in One Afternoon

One Sunday afternoon we were only meant to claim stuff from Trek that we won. But since we were already in the area, we decided to drop by Farmacy. No it's not a store where you can buy your meds but they do sell a different kind of medicine though, the kind I like - ice cream!

But first, selfeet.
Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

I knew I was right, Farmacy used to be Tea Lounge! Somehow, the interior didn't change much.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain menu

We availed of their free ice cream tasting. Mitch and I tried the unusual ones such as black sesame, melon, pistachio (common I know but my favorite so yeah) and I forgot what else :D

But in the end, we settled with an order of Dusty Road (Peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, whipped cream & cherry).

Farmacy's Dusty Road

At bilang we were already in the BGC area, dinasalan ko na si Mitch na idiretso na ito sa Bad Bird! Yes I'm aware they're pretty far apart but I did it anyway. 

Et voila! Hole in the Wall, finally.

This was the line when we ordered.

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

While waiting for our orders, we went around the area looking at all the stalls and what they're offering

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

We oohed and aahed in front of Scout's Honor's delicious-looking cookies.

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop

Scout's Honor offers make-your-own-craft cookies that I believe is a first in this country (not 100% sure on this ha) which you can then pair with whole milk.

When we came back to Bad Bird to get our chickens, ito na ang pila.

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

Mitch chose chemical for her chicken's spiciness. This is her dirty rice plate (includes a kimchi).

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

While I, on the other hand, chose safe cos I'm corny like that. I chose the waffle plate that includes 2 sweet potato waffles, miso butter and maple. I didn't like the miso butter but I really liked the sweet potato waffles. The dirty rice was for the Cheese.

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

The chicken was so tasty my goodness, Is it possible to get the recipe???

Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken

For dessert which we three shared, Mitch bought Matcha Sesame cookie (green tea + milk + chocolate chip cookie sandwich + roasted black sesame + white chocolate filling). It was also good. The taste was really strong in the mouth so it's actually nice that there were 3 of us to share this cookie, otherwise, hello umay.

I have to admit that before I even heard of Bad Bird I've read about Green Cheese's Japanese cheesecake first. I've always wanted to try it and I was so happy I finally got to that day. I bought an original box.

Green Cheese at the Century City Mall

For our final pit stop, I persuaded the two to get our butts to Rockwell Drive para lang sa churros ni Lola hahaha (read: Churreria La Lola). Lubus-lubusin na.

Here's the queue situation that greeted us. Infer, pumipila ang mga mayayama :D

I probably spent 30 minutes waiting in line that when I finally gave my orders to the nagsisiksikang mga ate at kuya sa kanilang cramped space (I think there were 6 of them inside), gutom na ko ulit. (To La Lola mgmt, I'm sure kumikita naman kayo ng malaki, Can you expand please?)

Churreria La Lola, Power Plant Mall

I ordered 12 pieces of the classic churros for everyone.

Churreria La Lola, Power Plant Mall

Went for the large serving of hot Belgian chocolate dip cos the medium one looks so bitin. The churros were really good, totally different from the ones were used to (Dulcinea I'm looking at you). When we were in Peru, we got to try a churros sold in the streets of Lima, some of which have caramel fillings. But those were also different. Baka iba talaga ang churros sa EspaƱa? :))

Churreria La Lola, Power Plant Mall

Anyway, I was one happy fella. Thank you for putting up with my gastronomic yearnings haha. Til our next foodtrip!

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