Monday, December 01, 2014

BGC Cycle Philippines on National Bike Day

Last Sunday, JC, Kimi, Mac, and I joined a biking event in BGC sponsored by Cycle Asia. It also happen to coincide with National Bike Day making the event more meaningful for all participants. 

We claimed the kit a day before in Mind Museum that includes our jerseys, shades and other freebies. It was really great except probably for those people who didn't get their jersey size. My friends Kimi and Mac weren't able to get their correct jersey sizes because they've run out of it but it's funny cos we were asked beforehand of our jerseys. I'm sure if the organizers stuck to the jersey sizes that each participant has declared, no one would go home with oversized or too small jerseys.

Next time I hope they implement it :)

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014

But overall, BGC Cycle Philippines was a really great event. I have nothing bad to say them come event day. I've joined other biking events but this was the first time I got to bike peacefully without stopping in every stoplight there is. It's like I wanted to yell thank you to every marshal holding the angry motorists behind them.

Guys, this happens once or twice a year only so wag kayong exagg makabusina. Share the road!

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014
Waiting for gun start
The 40km Challenge Ride started at 6am while and left by batch every 5 minutes. We only joined the 20km Community ride, so we were all pretty chill. Our wave (I and J) left at exactly 6:30am.

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014
Me and my friend Kimi
We arrived at the Uturn slot in PICC at 7.30, had a short Gatorade break while waiting for Mac and Kimi before pushing on again.

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014
Mac and JC
Along Mapua area I had a little accident caused by this woman crossing but NOT looking on the road. She was looking instead in her phone! Ay caramba! Good thing I wasn't in a full speed so no damage was done to us both, although I fell on my bike. I'm glad she said sorry a couple of times acknowledging that what she did was irresponsible.

We witnessed multiple crashes earlier on and I didn't want to be one of the growing casualties!

Anyway, on to the finish line. We crossed it around 8:55am. Super swabe ride, no pressure, just pure fun. We were provided with McDonald's muffin sausage and Jamba Juice for breakfast which was really really nice.

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014

They were also giving away free beer! First time to drink a beer this early lol.

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014

Here we are, refreshed and recovered ready to tackle EDSA on our way home :O
2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014

Til next year, BGC Cycle Philippines!

2nd BGC Cycle Philippines 2014

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