Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wicked in Manila: One Short Night in the Emerald City

One of my biggest regrets when I was in Singapore in 2012 was not watching Wicked due to time constraints. Standing in front of Sistic office, the Cheese and I were pondering how we'd get ourselves from USS to Grand Theater, Marina Bay Sands just so we can squeeze in Wicked in between but alas, I had to be practical.

Akala ko sa Gershwin Theatre o Apollo Victoria Theatre ko na lang sya pwedeng mapanood but Bathala is good, as it turns out I didn't have to save and spend an exorbitant amount of moolah to have a short day in the Emerald City because WICKED CAME TO MANILA! Thank you sponsors for bringing Wicked here.

Wicked in Manila

Oz Dust Boutique in CCP did not sell Wicked socks which was fortunate on my pocket's part. 

Oz Dust Boutique, Wicked in Manila

Irrele photo just cos I like how we're looking I-don't-know-where haha. Promise, candid yan!

People milling in CCP's lobby was abuzz with inexplicable excitement. We couldn't feign it either, our giddy faces and voices gave us away. 

Wicked in Manila
A short but splendid night in the Emerald City

 "It's Galinda with a Ga."

Wicked Manila

The Clock of the Time Dragon does not tell the time rather tells people's secrets from their past and predicts their futures.

Wicked Manila

“I’m the other daughter, Elphaba. I’m beautifully tragic.” hashtag nakarelate.

Wicked Manila

I cried a bit when Elphaba sang Defying Gravity not to jump in everyone's bandwagon but because it was a significant turning point in her life. Everyone deserves to fly and I support her decision, even if she's flying solo at least Elphie's flying free. hashtag nakarelateulit

Jemma Rix is AMAZING as Elphaba, she may have gone off-key at one of her songs but she more than made up for it with the rest of the songs. Suzie Mathers is a total doll. I love her and how she gave life to Galinda/Glinda's character. I enjoyed every second of Popular because of her!

I'm extremely happy I got to experience the magic of Wicked. That we, Filipinos, don't need to fly to other countries just to have wickedly wonderful day in the Emerald City. Mostly I'm thankful of that fact. So go ahead, Wicked shows have been added in Manila until March, CATCH IT!

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