Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Housemate's Wedding

Not really the first to be married in our merry little circle (we call ourselves Dramachine Beybis cos we're emo like that), but hers was the first CV Francisco girls wedding that I was able to attend . Among the five CV Francisco girls, 2 are now married which leaves us 3 more waiting to walk down the aisle. Wonder who'll be next!

Hanna, or Honey as her friends and family call her, got married to the love of her life last January 10 in a quiet little gathering at Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City. We were boardmates, and later on housemates, when she moved in at 37C CV Francisco Street mid-June. I have so many fond and happy memories with her and we, along with our other housemates, had so many adventures, mishaps, various highs and lows that we've shared throughout the years.

I consider her as my sister from another mother not because I spent a lot of sleepovers, Christmases and New Year's eves in their house with her family or sit down dinners, Sunday services and Bible studies. She's like a sister to me because she made me feel what it's like to belong to a family, she made me feel how it was to have a proper sibling relationship or at least something close to that.

So I wouldn't miss her wedding for the world, not even if it's a weekday or if it's in faraway Tagaytay. 

It was a great opportunity too as Che and I were able to catch up with our lives and gossip on the side. She's one of the CV Francisco girls, Dramachine Beybis, oldest friend in UP. I tell you, there is no dull moment with her!

Here we are posing with Tita Edna, the mother's bride.

Proxy lang talaga ako pero pinanindigan ko na :)

The bride was so pretty that day but if I had my way she should be called as bungisngis Honey cos all she did was laugh and laugh and laugh. Although she did cry a little too haha.

Here we were along with principal and secondary sponsors.

Honey and Deneb with the secondary sponsors

The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Deneb Arriesgado!

Cake and cupcakes setup.

Table setup. The flowers were so gorgeous!

Corsage for secondary sponsors. I've no idea what the flower is but it's really pretty. The yellow one, believe it or not is real (not the ribbon).

Medyo star of the dessert table ang putomansi. Yes, it's textured like puto but topped with custard and calamansi. The combination was actually good!

Medyo blurred but required photo op with the newlyweds. 

Congratulations, Honey and Deneb! I'm so happy for you Honey because you finally found the one you would want to wake up with for the rest of your life. May you two love, respect and stay faithful to one another. Mini Honey and Deneb next!

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