Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunshine Kitchen Birthday Lunch

Wow this super kaduper late post is brought to you by lack of time and katamaran. Moving on, I still want to share how I bought a coupon for Sunshine Kitchen sometime in May which I then used to partly pay for my birthday lunch along with two friends, Romy and Ten.

Sunshine Kitchen is located at the 2nd floor of the Fort Strip area. Medyo ironic because for a restaurant named Sunshine Kitchen, it's not so sunshine-y hehe. Although it probably has to do with the overcast sky lang, hopefully.

Sunshine Kitchen, The Fort Strip

Sunshine Kitchen's spacious bar. I actually like how it was set up with the high chairs adding more charm to it.

Sunshine Kitchen, The Fort Strip

For starters we tried their mixed mushrooms with poached eggs with two small breads on the side. We tried ordering for extra bread but it took so long, our main orders were already arriving, that we had to cancel it.

Artichoke and Mushroom, Sunshine Kitchen
Mixed mushrooms with poached egg (Php280)

We ordered their signature item, Sunshine Pizza. A realization hit me: just add a tinge of yellow or egg on your food, voila, you now have a certified sunshine-y dish. I kid, I kid. We loved this one! Thinly crisp, fresh from the oven goodness.

Sunshine Pizza, Sunshine Kitchen
Sunshine Pizza (PhP550)
For another source of carbs, we ordered Pasta al Nero. Surprisingly, I loved it. In fact, the three of us loved it so much. They really did an amazing job with this inked pasta.

Pasta al Nero, Sunshine Kitchen
Pasta al Nero (PhP410). Squid ink spaghetti with shrimp, squid and snapper with cream
And of course, the star and must order item in the menu, the sinful 6-Hour Slow-Roasted Porchetta. No need to elaborate what it is but oh yes, they weren't kidding when they said it was cooked for 6 long hours. The meat is so tender and tasty with outer layer perfectly crispy. This is one dish executed impeccably much to the delight of each customer. Serving is good for two persons so the price is really justified here.

6-Hour Slow Roast Porchetta, Sunshine Kitchen
6-Hour Slow-Roasted Porchetta (PhP480)

Artichoke and Mushroom, Sunshine Kitchen
Condiments for your porchetta
The most awaited part of the meal: dessert. Ten treated Romy and I of Key Lime Pie ice cream which was absolutely divine, whatever divine's supposed to mean hahahaha.

Key Lime Ice Cream, Sunshine Kitchen
Key Lime Pie Ice Cream (PhP240)
You have to try Sunshine Kitchen and their porchetta at least once in your life so you can find out for yourself why we're all praises for it.

Sunshine Kitchen
The Fort Strip
2/F The Fort Strip, Fort Pointe Bldg., 5th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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