Thursday, August 29, 2013

Singapore 2013 Series: Walkathon in Central

Ten arrived early morning of Thursday. Diane and I waited for her in Changi airport so we all could get back to Bukit Batok together.

Come Thursday morning, we had our breakfast at Bukit Batok hawker center. I had a French Toast and teh oh (hot tea) while Ten ordered a kaya toast set.

We visited Diane in her building so we could all eat lunch together at Lau Pa Sat. But first, we bought milk teas from Old Tea Hut (where a bajillion people were lining up too!).

Lau Pa Sat was filled to the brim when we got there. Typical lunch scenario, says Diane. Here, you can spot people from all walks of life. Expats, locals, tourists, they're all here. It's crazy inside! Choosing where and what to eat was the hardest decision I made for that day. There were just too many choices!!! After walking and looking around for about 15 minutes I finally settled to a pork roast meal. Napaka-safe lang ng order ko. Waley.

Look at the magnificent Victorian structure of Lau Pa Sat. The building itself is already a tourist spot in my opinion. Lau Pa Sat used to be Singapore's old wet market called Telok Ayer before it was converted into a hawker center.

After lunch, Ten and I got on a bus not really sure where to go. We got off somewhere (I forgot the name already) and from there walked our way to National Museum of Singapore. 

When we got to NMS, it was only then that I realized Fort Canning was just nearby. Someday I wish to watch a [hipster] music event in those grounds hahaha.

I'm a sucker for museums. The museum at the Raffles Hotel was in my list of to-go places. So we went there after checking out SAM (this will be in another post). Raffles Hotel is home to the famous Singapore Sling. No thanks, we can live without having one. Here's how the backyard looks like from the second floor.

I was a little heartbroken when I saw this on the door of the Raffles Museum. Why didn't you wait for me?? huhu. We went inside the Museum Shop instead which breathes a vibe of mustiness and oldness hehe. I wanted to buy something but, yeah, you got it, they were expensive.

We left Raffles Hotel a tad sadder, took a bus that will take us to Orchard, well, the huge H&M store to be specific. We saw this pretty cool wall art when we got off the bus.

No, I'm not one of those people that posts their day's worth of shopping hauls primarily because I didn't have a haul to show hahaha. I know I like/want/need/wish to own a LOT of stuff but I take pride in the fact that I am not an impulsive buyer. I am pragmatic when it comes to spending my hard-earned money. Actually, kuripot talaga ko kasi no choice, wala akong magulang/kapatid/ibang kamag-anak na maaasahan.

I digress.

Loved the stair lighting of Isetan that I just had to take a snap.

We had our dinner at Food Republic inside ION Orchard. I ordered a Ban Mian good for 3 person (pretty bland for my taste. see that's the problem with some Singaporean dishes I've tasted, they're not exactly winning in the jolt-your-senses-with-various-flavors contest OR THAT'S JUST ME).

I'm glad Ten was having so much fun with her first authentic Singapore Rice Chicken. Look at that serving.

I'll have SAM post next!

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