Monday, June 10, 2013

George R. R. Martin on Conan

I loved when he said "...they would've known it if they read the books!" Makes all the sense in the [Westeros] world. Imagine the reaction of the series' first followers after waiting for a long time (10 years!) for book 3 to come out. Imagine how they must have felt when they got to the part of Red Wedding.

Must be terrible! The same reaction I got after finishing book 3. George R.R. Martin probably killed off a lot of great characters (spiteful and non-spiteful alike) in that book than books 1 and 2 combined.

PS: How could you hate on this fluffy, nerdy guy? Let's all be patient guys, Winds of Winter will be coming soon. Let's have faith with GRR Martin, he knows what' he's doing. He is not our bitch, as Neil Gaiman once put it off. :)

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