Monday, October 22, 2012

Argo Fuck Yourself

While watching Argo, I can't seem to separate Homeland and Scandal storylines and characters from the movie, which means my TV series life has overlapped in every movie I get to watch (oftentimes, even in real life).

Moving on, Argo is seriously and mind-blowingly good. Okay, maybe the mindblowing thing was a bit of an exaggeration but it certainly an awesome movie. I was on the edge of my seat for the most part of the movie, as if I was one of the 6 Americans secretly being whisked off Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis

I love the cinematography and the stock footage. I never imagined Ben Affleck to be actually good in directing a film, but he did it. I especially loved Affleck's scenes wherein his character, Tony Mendez, need not to utter a single word in order to portray what he's thinking and feeling.

Bryan Cranston in this movie was more of Mr. White instead of Heisenberg, yay!

The best part of it all, Clinton's declassification of the whole operation. The world finally found out the CIA's involvement in the whole rescue mission. How Mendez earned his Intelligence Star has finally gone public.

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