Friday, September 21, 2012

Payday Lunch Series: An Afternoon of Indulgence in Mamou

Office friends and I had this eat-out-in-fancy-restaurants-of-our-choice-every-payday rotation ongoing right now. It's actually good cos we get to have that chance in eating at places you wouldn't catch me eating on my own anyway because they can get really expensive yo.

For Roan's turn we had a lunch at Mamou Too in Rockwell Power Plant. Here's a nugget of history that you should know about Mamou.

I'm ready for my lunch!!

Mamou at Rockwell Powerplant

Complimentary breads while waiting for our orders.

Mamou at Rockwell Powerplant

Here we go. Our orders started arriving one by one. First, Wawa's Prime Rib. Tender enough :)

Kurobuta Mamou-Katsu. I finally had a taste of Kurobuta! The red rice was something new to us (no, it's not really the same rice we have in Cordillera region) so we all ordered that. Mabigat sya sa tiyan!

Kurobuta Mamou-Katsu, Mamou at Rockwell Powerplant

Beer Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar. Fish is fish!

Beer Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar, Mamou at Rockwell Powerplant

But the true star of that day was this: Lorenzo's Truffle Cream. Ay caramba you will not stop saying "ang sarap" I tell you because it really is. The flavors are like fireworks in your mouth. The pasta itself may look so simple yet its taste is very defined. 

Lorenzo's Truffle Cream, Mamou at Rockwell Powerplant

I thank the gracious waiter who answered to our whims of too many "isa pa" photos. Typical. Haha.

From left to right: Ten, Rox, Me and Roan

We did something in Mamou which I won't tell in details here. Basta, advance happy Birthday Ten!

Complimentary Red Velvet cupcake from Mamou. So sweet! We loved the personal touch of a Happy Birthday greeting printed on card. By the way, that cupcake was HUGE!

The verdict? We loved Mamou if it isn't obvious yet! I would definitely recommend it to friends and I would love to bring the Cheese here someday so he can also have a taste of the heavenly Lorenzo's Truffle Cream. :)


Power Plant Mall
R1/Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 822-6218


Xan said...

everything was delish! the service is great, the place is cozy, the price is reasonable in terms of serving aaaand again the food is just superb! :D

Marye said...

Agree, agree, agree aaaand agree!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

sarap naman! i'll include mamou on my must try list