Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still No Taker/s

Last time I heard it has reached more than half a billion already. By golly! If I win the Lotto I could give each Filipino a million peso and there would still be plenty left for myself. I'll retire early, invest on a business that will sustain me (and my family if I ever get to have any) for until who knows when, bring Oasis (yes they will also get back together haha), Radiohead and Coldplay here in the Philippines and backpack around the world. Yes, backpack still but at least I can afford things now that I can't in my previous traveling life haha.

But I'm getting waaay ahead. I only made a bet once and never got to do it again. Still, dreaming about winning tons of money is super fun. Everyone's entitled to it.

To whomever will get to win the most coveted Lotto jackpot, I hope you use it wisely and only for the best and right intentions.

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Hannee said...

haha! ayos :D