Saturday, April 17, 2010

Honk if you're Bored!

I want to download:
-remaining episodes of The Vampire Diaries that I've missed
-the new Glee episode
-Villa Elaine (cos apparently the first dl was corrupted hmf)

But I can't do that because there's no internet connection at the Cheese's house right now (disco-freaking-nnected) so, NO.

I am currently abusing the free Wifi of Megamall, writing this short cyber laments before my battery runs out.

I watched I am Sam earlier and suffice to say, I cried again. Oh man, it was a bucket fest that I should be too embarassed to tell but apparently I am not. Embarassed at all.

There. Off to purchasing a bottle of Coppertone for tomorrow's Tour of the Fireflies (you know the biking thing?) cos my face and skin color is a wreck I don't want to add more damage to otherwise far-too-damaged frontispiece (WHUT? is that even correct?) don't know, don't care.

Hooray still.

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