Friday, March 26, 2010

They Make Good Girls Go Bad

At least that's what their song says. My thoughts in their mall concert in Trinoma:

  • Ayala Mall concerts tend to be quite stiff. Kids are not allowed to stand up on their seats to go have fun and just be wild. There are actually seats and you can't stand lest you want the security people all over to glare at ya and give you some uhmm..glaring.
  • I hope Cobra Starship gang was not disappointed by the lack of audience participation, the number of audience and how small the venue was. I hope all the die-hard fans made up for all those because they loved and enjoyed every second of it.
  • They are all adorable I wanna hug them! Before I used to believe that Gabe is the prettiest among the Cobra boys but no, after some research and stalking done, I found out that I like Alex Suarez more. And Ry too. Heehee.
  • I hope they liked the Marty's vegetarian chicharon some fan threw at the stage (Gabe opened it and passed around haha).
  • I wished Ayala (or maybe Trinoma only) played some decent music while the artists and their fans were having their pictures taken. IT WAS BOR-ING. Feeling ko hindi sila masyadong handa susme, nakatayo lang ang mga boys and girls, medyo magulo pa ata ang CD signing, etc.
  • Umuuga ang Trinoma pag tumatalon ang mga kids. SCARY.
  • Will memorize that Guilty Pleasure dance moves now na!
By the way, it was my first time to watch a concert alone. No fun 'cos I can't scream for fear of being regarded as insane/weird. You know the drill here.

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