Monday, October 05, 2009

The Days that Were

The past week has been a rough hell for most of my fellow Filipinos, with the uber-destructive Ondoy wrecking havoc in most of NCR and leaving behind thousands of homeless people, families who've lost their loved ones and a terror more than anything. It was heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. Everybody was cursing the government's slug-like response, pointing fingers at who should be blamed. But despite the destructive typhoon that left everyone dismayed and stunned, one true thing that stood out was the Filipinos' capability to rise above any kind of disaster. This event also gave way for the extraordinariness in every Filipino to come out, to help their kababayans in a time where hopes seemed almost impossible, to give where it is needed, to lend a helping hand, to support and most of all to pray.

I wish this would not be the only time our best trait as a Filipino will come out. I really believe that it is there in each of us, in every one of us, a true hero waiting to come out. I'm sure wherever, Jose rizal is right now, he is beaming with pride.

Them kids at work. Mando and Ida joined by two other kids in packing pasta noodles.

Day 3 of volunteering in RFM. The usual, but good,chaos.

We did not ask for free lollies but it definitely made our day.

Boys just being boys. Pizza party on a stormy Friday. D, Jed and JC

Mini reunion of bebes. Vianne, Reynan and Marye

I'm no big fan of white chocolate but I am a big fan of Ice Cream and Macadamia nuts.

My nerds are back. Hawt!

“In the world of emoticons, I was colon capital D”

That scene really made laugh out loud! From my daily dose of Sheldon Cooper. :)

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