Monday, March 23, 2009

And off they fell...

As I was walking home last night, after a somewhat "kakapikon" incident over dinner, for some weird reason, I realized I haven't been the best person I am with you. My goolay, if I haven't been a witness to an excessive meanness I probably wouldn't budge at all.

See, I realized that I have been mean too in more ways than one, di lang masyado halata siguro or di pinapansin kasi mahal ako nung tao. Nakaka-guilty tuloy. Parang all those time, I've always been the girl who needs to be understood palagi, who always gets what she wants, who do stuff whenever she likes. Parating nasusunod ba. Haha. Wow. Didn't know I am capable of doing that. Anong nangyari? I knew I was against people like that so what the heck happened??? Iba na siguro talaga pag masyado kang mahal ng isang tao, kaya nilang i-overlook ang faults mo kahit na sila na lang ang masaktan. I know of a certain, specific friend who is like that. Pakisapak na lang ako. PLEASE.

Hay. pasensya na. I will be better. One thing that I am sure of: I don't like other people bullying you. yun lang. di baleng ako na lang hehe.

So I guess that explains the whole tearjerky scene last night. In fairness antagal ko na ulit di umiiyak :)


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