Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Because...

It's funny how some of us gets no love at all when we need it the most, and when we are given, it gets so overwhelming we can't possibly think what to do with it all.

Personally, I don't know what to make out of it. Where is the logic and equality there when people in dire need of someone to love, care, nurture or simply understand them are nowhere to be found. It is the loneliest feeling, I swear, to find nothing when you're reaching out to everyone. A lot of people may break down not because they're too weak to fight it but because, sometimes, it's physically, emotionally and mentally wearying. Life can be actually sucked out at you.

Well, i don't know about breaking down or being "unloved" at all. Haha. Even if my life for the most part got f*cked up, I never felt the need to end it all. C'mon. It may sound too cliche or laspag, but life is beautiful. You just gotta find stuffs to make it one if you still can't see it. Either you're too stoned, wasted, blind, bleak or in denial to actually see it all.

Anyhoo, the reason behind all this sudden posting (and no connection at all on the bleakness stuff) is a good friend of mine who became too emotional and sentimental on me . I'll give the guy a break because, yeah, he's got a point. A point, nevertheless, that i will never, ever try to succumb. Don't you worry, we'll always be tbuds. I'll find time :)

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