Thursday, January 10, 2008

Centennial Kwentos

UP is celebrating its hundreth year of existence this year, and yesterday, was the grand kick-off celebration for a year-long festivity all over different UP units. Indeed, it was a great day to be part of an eventful day and a 100 more reason to be a proud Iskos and Iskas. Go UP, ang galing mo!
UP Theater

Some of the (recycled) floats in parade made by talented Fine Arts studes.

FOUND: a disheveled lady along Quezon Hall. Seemed to have lost the other pair of her slippers, and a bit of herself too, if I may say so. Contact necessary offices.

This seemed to be a part of an earlier scene. Happily posing with someone (perhaps there's a romantic inclination here somewhere that we do not know of) .

Look at the lady sulking a bit. This is not good.

Alas. Back to their romantic ways. Presumably counting stars? There's a lot of possibilities here that we are not aware of. Life, and its tricky ways.
Bumping into political figures, former UP President and a celebrity icon.

Ang pogi naman ng porma ni Lawin! He's a celebrity of his own kind.
Picture taken by a complete stranger. But they were both fellow alumni too.

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