Friday, July 21, 2006

of first times, brat-but-adorable kids and total nosebleed

"I wanna die now".
---"If you die here I'll just leave you in there and your dying wouldn't look really regal".

" I don't wanna walk anymore."

"I don't want to do this again next year!"
---(as we bid everyone our goodbyes and thank you's Fac Hardy said "so, will we see you next year?" and the answer was a chorus of "YESSSS". I love these kids.Really.

"I would give everything just to have a motor bike in here!"
---And me answering with a gleeful look, "You mean everything?"

"Ate, you blow your whistle na, that's my favorite part.
---(thank you kiddo!)

Those were just a few among the many lines I heard on my first ever Lakbay trip as an OJT. Subject: Grade 5, St. Paul College Pasig students. Status: strictly English only (because there were also Korean students in the class). Result: Total nosebleed. Why am I, in the first place even there? Well, a change of heart. I was so happy because I thought I was in good company of TL Oca in Bus 1 but he changed the positions at the last minute.Ha! My karma. Juraine's karma was quite bad but in a very good way. Imagine that. The facilitators (facs) assigned in our bus were really having a hard time interpreting history in English. Makes sense to me but what does not is one fac who is SO lazy he didn't do anything much. Blech.

But despite uber hyper kids and spoiled and bratty kids, I really enjoyed this this trip. Okay, so I must have fumed too many times that day but that's only because my facilitators are really not that efficient. Arrgghh. But the kids made up my facs' lost cause. So many questions, a LOT of English, too many camera flashes, too much addiction in High School Musical. But they are really sweet kids. And for me, they made the whole trip bearable and fun.But the best part? The applause I got before we said goodbye to each other. I'll probably sound so conceited but I was real proud of that moment. Let's just say that the applause I got was way greater than my facs on board. haha!

" Kapag na-in-love sya sakin, pipilitin ko talagang ma-in-love rin sa kanya".
---the best quote of the day! (happened after the trip, while AJ and I was sorta relaxing). Haha!

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