Saturday, June 17, 2006

the break that you've been waiting for and tales of a beautiful Saturday

Outbound Educators. Will travel. Will be least until i get accredited first. Although I accepted this idea because of the promised travels and the money I'll get to receive (at least when the right time comes), right now an all new purpose surfaced. Maybe some priorities need to be set first before diving in and sometimes, this realizations come in way, way too late. But there's nothing worth regretting for what I've put myself into. I knew I'll gain something from this experience, besides the financial gain of course. There's more to that, really. Guess I'm on my way to conquering the darn stage fright. Ha! Wait around 2 months more and we'll see where this teaching-while-traveling will get me.

Since my day started very early (for a weekend day), i was surprised to find out that every place Juraine and I have gone to was still a total blast, if not for our aching feet and stomachs, nevertheless, it was a day full of surprises and first times again (for me!). I had my first rappeling experience at the Lakbay Kalikasan office and I have to say that even if I sucked most of the time, I really did enjoy the descend from a 25 feet tall building. Mababa lang talaga actually. It was my first time at Robinson's Pioneer, although I didn't see much aside from Garfield who was having a fan's day that time, it was still pretty OK for a 30-minute stay where-you-didn't-get-to-see-much-of-what-there's-to-see-if-there's-any. For the second time, i experienced another Powerbooks warehouse sale (i was convinced by juraine, haha!) and seeing so much books again made my head dizzy calculating how much time I've got to spend on each (of course, I'll be just borrowing this time). It was a tiring day alright, but one that was spent wisely and purposely.

By the way, the third was Max's. :)

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