Saturday, December 03, 2005

my ambitious list!

finally the christmas bug has caught me. it's still cost-cutting and all but it doesn't hurt to put up a list of stuff i've been desperately pining for and here are the gifts that i want to receive this christmas but i bet my @&#! I definitely wouldn't be receiving anyway! there's always wishful thinking and hey, 'tis for free!

* books (particularly narnia chronicles, meg cabot's princess diaries' series or neil gaiman's book series) but anything would do just fine, thank you. :)
* a stonefree cd

* sneakers

* a headband

* a "dora the explorer's" socks! haha

* a phone? (hay... next to impossible for the moment, nevertheless...)

that's all for now. baka masyado ko matuwa e, mahirap ng sumemplang. :)


Graciela said...

give me an address (yours, though i doubt you'll give your tita's add, or anybody you trust), i'll send you something. and it will arrive maybe 2-3 days before xmas.. just in time. (wink!)

email me or YM personally. i have instructions din to give you. soon..

Hannee said...

lam ko na!yung kay che na lang na address..para magkita-kita tayo this christmas :) pede na ba yung ___ at ____?buti na lang nagbigay ka ng list!yey!di na mahirap mag-isip :)

hmmm...ako ang gusto kong gift eh makasama ko ulit ang dramachine babies :) drama!haha pero totoo!